Jack Fruit Tostados

Jackfruit is extraordinary! What a concept. It’s fruit that when picked very early, has the same consistency and ability to marinate as shredded pork or chicken. It’s meaty in texture, yet has ZERO fat, ZERO saturated fat, ZERO trans fat & ZERO cholesterol and is so yummy, you just won’t believe its FRUIT!

All you do is this:

*Start with sautéing Upton’s Naturals Chile Lime Carnitas Jackfruit (http://www.uptonsnaturals.com/products)

*Take fresh corn tortillas, heat them up and place at bottom of bowl or plate.

*Layer the following ingredients, starting at the bottom and working upwards; chopped, crisp romaine lettuce, sautéed jackfruit, pinto beans, diced tomatoes or a pico de gallo salsa, Follow Your Heart brand fiesta blend shredded cheese (https://followyourheart.com/vegangourmetshreds/), a dallop of Tofutti Brand vegan sour cream (http://www.tofutti.com/dairy-free-cheeses/sour-cream/), sliced avocado or a dallop of guacamole and Anaheim Chile peppers (just a tiny bit, depending on how much of ‘kick” you want).

*Finish off with chopped cilantro on top.

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