My Passions outside of cycling are listed here and why. I have found that balance is the key for me to experience longevity in competitive sport. Balance is not the answer for everyone, as each person has a unique personality that charters his or her own course. But, for me finding balance is very important. I do that by giving back and interacting and working in other environments that feed me and challenge me daily. If I were only to focus on cycling everyday, all day I would become too absorbed with the sport I love and because of my Pisces personality, I would become too overwhelmed with it, analyzing and obsessing on it. I find that striking a balance keeps me excited and fresh for my training everyday. Balance also keeps my perspective on the sport healthy, and some people will tell you perspective is everything.

Here are my passions outside of cycling and why they are near to my heart:

Healing Eating Disorders

I am immensely thankful for my journey back from the darkest days of anorexia and the healing that cycling provided as I navigated my way through intensive therapy to get where I am today. I will be forever indebted to the disease in a way because I feel like only through having felt deep pain can I now see and feel the uplifting light of deep pleasure and victory. I feel it is my duty as a survivor to help others who are currently suffering from the chains of an eating disorder. I have been fortunate to visit Canada and Ecuador working with sufferers and those who are developing centers for eating disorders to assist in healing and living again. I work almost daily with women around the country as a mentor and a guide to assist in their healing. I love this work and feel extremely blessed to be doing it.

Animal Rescue: Irvine Animal Care Center

I volunteer my time (at least 8 hours per month) at the Irvine Animal Care Center. Walking the dogs, playing with them and giving them massage to alleviate their feelings of stress and anxiety from shelter life are some of the duties that fill my time at the shelter. After a hard training day, I can go to the shelter and swear that I leave with more of a sense of relaxation and my spirit filled with hope and calm. The animals there are so hopeful. They have been neglected and abandoned for one reason or another, but they look at you with such love only wanting for a stroke on their belly or a tasty snack from my pocket. Some of them even seem to smile after a hard romp in the playground or a tug-a-war with a chew toy. Those dogs give me more than I give to them. Isn't that always how giving back seems to work anyway?

About IACC: The Irvine Animal Care Center (IACC) is a progressive and innovative municipal animal shelter that continually strives to strengthen the human-animal bond and improve the welfare of animals by promoting their humane care and treatment. The Center's 3.73 acre, park-like facility cares for more than 4,000 homeless, neglected and abused animals every year. All animals in their care receive veterinary care, high-quality food, soft bedding and daily socialization.

Motivational Speaker

Exploring the world of motivational speaking was at first, quite intimidating and frightening. Like most people, I was fearful of public speaking but I felt a very strong call to continue saying yes to requests and allow my fears to subside, because as with almost everything in life, it gets better with practice. Now I thrive on speaking to large crowds and I especially enjoy speaking on my life's journey to the Olympics and the eating disorder I overcame to bring my body back from the brink of death to the Olympic podium. I find it hugely satisfying to speak to teenagers and our youth on how to "BE YOUR BEST YOU." I am available to speak to high schools, colleges, conferences, business conventions and corporate motivational conventions.

Color Commentator and Cycling Analyst

My passion for color commentating began in college at Villanova University where I graduated with a degree in journalism in 1995. Now that the beautiful and engaging world of professional cycling has taken over my life for the last 15 years, I am excited and motivated to communicate my deep knowledge and passion in the sport of cycling to the viewers and fans.

Here are what some of the industry's heavy hitters have to say about my color commentating abilities:

I love Dotsie's on-air presence. She has a great voice, and is so descriptive that I am immediately more interested in what I'm watching. She makes cycling interesting, understandable, and accessible to an outsider. Not only does she have wonderful camera skills, she has the experience that backs up her knowledge, so I'm actually interested in her opinion. Her personality and great smile are an added bonus. I feel like the cycling world could use a smart female Olympian with experience to bring in a larger audience. This is a sport that has the possibility to connect with everyone, since everyone has experience riding a bike. What people need is someone like Dotsie to bridge the gap between the hardcore enthusiasts and casual fans.

Dotsie blends an intimate knowledge of the sport with an exciting voice and and educates the viewer with a contagious energy and enthusiasm. In a sport where the commentary is dominated by old european men, Dotsie brings an attractive change to cycling viewing.

Dotsie's insightful commentary fills a void in the current state of cycling media. Her racing pedigree precedes her and already speaks for itself - Olympic medalist, seven time national champion, multiple Pan American gold medalist. But it's a combination of these accolades and her tremendous knowledge of the sport that separates her from the standard cycling talking head. Well, there's all that, plus the fact that she's a woman in a male dominated sport that elicits the need for her rightful, further involvement in cycling media. Yup, Dotsie is awesome!

Dotsie has a unique set of experiences and applicable skill set that would be an asset to any broadcast team. Her inside knowledge of the athletes, teams, and courses as well as her ability to communicate those intricacies and variables in women's cycling set her apart.

At last a female cyclist who can commentate from experience and who is respected by all cyclists. Dotsie is the next generation in cycling commentary because she has actually experienced what the riders feel and is able to ask the questions the audience really wants answered. She brings energy and enthusiasm along with her knowledge of cycling to any commentary team. If cycling is going to reach a wider audience, it needs a female color commentator who comes from the world of cycling and no one is more qualified to fill that role than Dotsie Bausch.

Cycling needs a female voice and Dotsie Bausch is it. Dotsie has the entire package, camera presence, delivery, a great story, and, most importantly, she is one of the most knowledgeable cyclists around. She embodies everything that makes cycling so fantastic and reminds us why it is still OK to love this sport.

Track Cycling: Team Pursuit (I could not leave this out)

I am intensely passionate about the event (team pursuit). It is poetry in motion. After 10 years of racing professionally on the road, I began to feel a bit bored and slightly burned out, although there are many aspects to road racing I still love very much. I love training and racing for team pursuit. It has everything: technicality, elements of high anaerobic fitness with aerobic base, intensity like nothing on the road, and it requires complete perfection of execution to ride the best time. That's my favorite part: the immense pressure to ride perfectly. You can mess up on the road a few times, or many times - a pedal stroke here and there - but in the team pursuit, every mistake costs you one-tenth of a second or more, which could easily be the difference between first and second (place).

I love testing and challenging myself under such pressure to perform to perfection (although my coach tells me perfection is an illusion) in only 3 minutes with my team mates relying on me to race my best every single time.